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  • Charleston Educational Article of the Month - How to Keep Bats Out of a Barn?

How to Keep Bats Out of a Barn?

How to Keep Bats Out of a Barn?

Bats in the barn:
Bats are beneficial to the Charleston, South Carolina, ecosystem and consume hundreds of insects in an hour. It is true that some people appreciate their presence in the barn but a number of people still believe on the past folklores attached to bats. One of the major concerns of the South Carolina farm owner is about the attack of diseases attached to bats. They worry that some rabid bat could infect the Charleston barn animals. When the bat droppings, known as guano, get dries it become more harmful if inhaled. So the animal of the barn remain at risk to receive a fatal lugs disease in such a case. The flying mammal, South Carolina bats, squeak attract the bugs and cause fecal and urine stains. It is to remember that the process of removing bats from the barn is not easy and quick but not impossible if proper tools and timing is kept in view.

Removing a single bat:
Open the barn doors and windows in order to encourage the Charleston bat to leave on its own. According to research it has been noticed that most of the bats can be gently guided out. A single South Carolina bat is always easy to remove from the barn. If the bat does not leave at its own, then capture it; but the process requires supreme care. Catch the bat that will not leave the place by using a container like a small box or coffee can over the resting bat and then sliding a piece of cardboard between container and the surface it is resting against. You can capture the Charleston bat directly wearing the leather gloves, in case the bat is sleeping.

Removing a bat colony:
Set up the bat house outside the barn to give South Carolina bats a welcome alternative to barn after removal is complete. Multiple Charleston bats require more efforts to be removed from the barn. Observe the farm at dusk from outside to determine where the bats are coming out. Attach the bat netting or some similar one way device to each exit. So that the bats exit but not do not return. Seal all the exit pints permanently. You can use mesh, caulk, metal, plaster, wood or anything else that leaves space not larger than 1/4 inch.

Some precautions:
Never to touch bats with bare handed. Summer is the mating season for bats so not to start the project in this season.

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